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Amazing Benefits of Soursop (Graviola)

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1. Anti-cancer Properties
       Soursop contains annonacin, which is a neurotoxin that is classified as acetogenin. Studies reveal that the presence of annonacin in soursop makes this fruit effective for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells when compared with chemotherapy and Adriamycin. Regular consumption of soursop is therefore highly essential for preventing the onset of cancer attacks.

2. Anti-viral Properties
      Annona muricata extract is anti-viral in nature thus can be used for treating viral infections such as herpes. Genital herpes is a type of infection caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). This virus causes painful blisters on the genitals and it can affect any mucous membrane (moist lining) like the ones present in the mouth (cold sores).

3. Boosts the Energy Level
     The presence of fructose in soursop makes this fruit an excellent source of energy. Fructose is a monosaccharide (simple sugar) that acts as a building block of complex carbohydrates.

4. Boosts the Immune System
       Soursop fruit is an excellent source of natural products such as annonacin, acetogenins, muricapentocin, gentisic acid, annocatacin, anonol, annocatalin, linoleic acid, annohexocin, gigantetronin, caclourine, annomuricin and anomurine, which are all essential for boosting the immune system thereby helping to fight against disease causing agents.

5. Anti-oxidizing Properties
      Soursop is an excellent source of vitamin C thus acts as a great antioxidant for promoting good health and slowing down the ageing process.

6. Prevents Osteoporosis
     Soursop is a rich source of calcium and phosphorus, which are essential for maintaining strong bones and for preventing osteoporosis.

7. Aids Digestion
       Soursop is an excellent source of dietary fibre thus very good for facilitating easy digestion of food.

8. Culinary Purposes
      The white pulp of the soursop fruit can be used for preparing smoothies, syrups, soft drinks, beverages, sherbets, candies, ice creams and juices. Soursop leaves can be used for tenderizing meat.

9. Nutritional Values of Soursop
     Soursop is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, sodium, protein, potassium, pectin, glucose, fructose and dietary fibre, which are essential for promoting good health.

10. Maintains Healthy Heart
     Soursop contains vitamin B1 and B2 that are essential for facilitating blood circulation thereby contributing to the maintenance of a healthy heart.


11. Treatment of Gastrointestinal Problems
       Soursop fruit and leaves can be used for treating gastrointestinal diseases such as stomach pains, diarrhoea.

12. Antibacterial Properties
     Soursop contains phytochemicals that are antibacterial in nature thus have been proven effective for treating bacterial infections such as fever, cold etc.

13. Wound Healing Properties
      The bark and stem of the soursop can be used for preparing herbal medicines for treating wounds and cuts.

14. Treatment of Haemorrhoids
     Soursop is an essential fruit for treating haemorrhoids.

15. Other Uses of Soursop
    Studies reveal that the soursop fruit juice is an excellent juice for tackling hematuria (blood in the urine), rheumatism, depression, urethritis (urinary tract infection), arthritis, kidney problems and liver disease.

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